Corporate Video

The live action communicates
much more than words

A video is the most effective way to communicate for a company, both internally and externally: it gives emotions, it keeps the interest high, it communicates the most simple, clear and unforgettable message.
With a video, instead of expensive brochures, you save money.
The chart on the right represents our typical video creation process.
The following is a list of some applications for corporate videos:

Marketing Video

A marketing video, distributed on CD-Rom, Videotape, DVD, through the Internet or other media, is a competitive advantage and a key factor of success.
It is becoming more and more important for the companies to communicate in a quick and effective way, using the video for:

  • Corporate presentations
  • Presentations and demonstrations of products/services
  • Users guides and installation manuals
  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • DVD, CD-Rom, and the Internet, are at present the best way to distribute corporate presentation videos.
    We produce high definition videos, playable by all the modern computers, with interactivity and navigation functions,
    like the multilanguage function, which allows to choose the language in a menu.

     Some exemples, excerpted from videos we made:

    An example of HD video (select 1080p for the highest quality):

    Educational Video

    Videos allow to save time and money in training, communicating clearly and immediately educational and scientific messages, for several purposes:

  • Medical and scientific conferences
  • Technical and scientific education
  • Sales training
  • Management development
  • Safety and health

  • We offer the best price/quality ratio, that makes the professional video within every organization's budget. 
    A video is the solution that fits the communication needs of your organization.

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