Full HD Video

The industry standard

The advanced digital technologies allow to reach a superb quality of images and sound, that time and use cannot deteriorate, combining live action with computer generated bidimensional and tridimensional elements. 
Cinedigit uses the digital technology in every phase of video production.

Digital shooting

For interior and on location shooting we use professional 3CCD full DH digital cameras, with sophisticated devices.

Digital editing

Today the professional video editing is made by computer with powerful non linear editing systems, by using the same digital technology as the cameras (full HD), to maintain the identical superb quality of the shooting.
The digital editing systems are widely flexible and powerful, allowing to apply effects, titles and graphics, adding music backgrounds, etc.

Professional encoding and authoring

The final video is provided in the standard digital formats (CD, DVD, Blu-ray), and for the Internet (Flash video, etc.).

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